Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angus Puff the book launch.

Angus Puff is a fire safety Dragon. I have worked at ' The Skye & lochalsh Young Carers project' for a few years, a dynamic project which offers real support to Young carers on Skye & in Lochalsh. Wearing both my hats, I created links with the Fire & Rescue service a few years back, this partnership has flourished and with input & ideas from the projects Art worker Caroline Deer, Angus Puff was born. He started off as a garden sculpture & the children wrote a story for him. I was asked to illustrate the book under the children's direction. I had to change the initial design as he looked too ' gay' , yes equality & diversity has yet to reach the Isle of Skye.  The Fire service has published the book which will be given out to Highland schools & may even go much further afield. 
Saturday 15th May was the projects anniversary & the books launch. The Assistant Fire Chief David Gill along with many other speakers "VIP's" gave the book their endorsement and support.
Once all the important people had done their speeches, and had their presentations - I did a drop in 'How to draw dragons' workshop, carried boxes and moved chairs. I'm good at carrying boxes.

One parent came over to comment about how they liked the books illustrations, which I drew, this was very nice of them & cheered me up.

 It was also lovely to eat cakes and to see the Young people I'd worked so intensely with, all growing up a pace.

now I'm busy with the next project, turns out I'll get a creator credit with this one, apparently this happens sometimes.

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