Wednesday, March 10, 2010

comics workshop at primary school

How to Draw comics workshop at Lochcarron Primary School. The upper school class are doing a project on the Highland clearances so there were lots of great comic strips on homes burning and boats sailing off to foreign lands, with the odd sheep chase and murdered Factor ( thats the bad guys who kicked people out of their homes ). The younger group this afternoon have been studying the Polar regions, so we had loads of great strips about polar bears and penguins, generally less violent & all about friendships.I thoroughly enjoy working with youngsters, there are just a couple of tricks which seem to produce a breakthrough in their confidence, moving from stick figures to 3d figures and from " I can't " to " can I ..? ".  These workshops have been bought to you via Hi-Ex.

meanwhile I am working on a painting commission...stand by for the finished version hopefully later today.

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