Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bealach Commission

Heres a Painting commission that was a priority job this week, around 19" by 11", the Applecross pass, Bealach Na Ba- I've enjoyed doing it, must finish the big canvas view from a mile further up the hill I've started. Otherwise mostly I've been busy with illustrations, comic colouring, comic pitches & Hi-Ex organising ( buy your discount tickets on line roll up roll up ). Frustrated that I never get enough time to paint, got an open studios week in May so once Hi-Ex is out of the way, It will be a flat out race to get on with comic projects and push some painted work through. I've also got my own comic ideas that have been getting put on the back burner for years...soon I'll let these onto the top of the list !

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Nicki MacRae said...

Wow that has such lovely depth :-D

Ian and the wee man (now almost 7!) are really excited about hi-ex!!

Oh and I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

You can collect it here :-D