Thursday, January 07, 2010

Biker Jane

Work in progress- and it has been for many years. We all have a graphic Novel inside of us, or think we do, My problem is I can't write and my drawn layouts/ anatomy/ action need a lot of work, so I've been sitting on this project until I get good enough to give it a go. This is Jane the Biker, my idea of a comic female character - I hesitate to use the word heroine . You do not want to meet Jane on a dark night. Its sort of a dark road movie set in the highlands. Strangely the world is changing so fast, aspects of the story are already looking olde worldy, smoking in public, no CCTV, people not using mobile phones as standard, different drugs being used... I'll have to hurry up & do it before we're all using hover jets. ( or set it deliberately in the past ). Figured I'd work up some versions of this sketch for colouring folio practice in different styles. Heres the start of the 1st one.

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matthew mclaughlin said...

Oh, that's a wonderful portrait Vicky - this idea of yours sounds very cool. I hope you get to work on it sooner rather than later!