Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'After the Snow'

Well I loved the snow... but at times we only seemed days away from the whole country grinding to a halt. But people in Scandinavia, Mongolia, Siberia, Canada etc deal with minus freezing temperatures all the time. So when the climate changes happens, when the gulf stream switches off, I figures a few years, decades or centuries on, you'd need a mixture tribal and salvaged tech to survive. It will be quite cosy underground in those buried sky scrapers. I've got my head torch and snow boots so I'm getting prepared. I guess I should have put a top of a tall building poking out of the snow, but I thought it too 'planet of the apes' obvious. sketches based on Mongolian archer women, scanned & painted in Photoshop. Did you know, a Mongolian composite bow, make of layers of wood bone & sinew, from Genghis Khans time, was more powerful in aim & range than bows of modern materials.

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