Monday, May 29, 2006

well chums my apologies for not updating this here blog since bristol, ive not been sucked into a vacuum of couch potato nothingness, ive just replaced my manic job-list goal setting for a more mellow & mild just getting on with things approach. Which is weird.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bristol Comic convention 2006. comic conventions generally seem to entail; good intentions which fall victim to brain fugue, moments of side splitting halarity at the most inane, twisted and/ or bizarre gibberish; moments of vacant exhaustion; lots of talking, inane, twisted and/or bizarre gibberish; hiding from scary freakoids; laughing at scary freakoids; realising that in fact we are all scary freakoids; etc

This con specifically involved; giggling about Eds new comic concept of "s**b**c*ing";
Dom Reardon and gnillips and everything around them being selloptaped down ( photo too blurry ); evaluating droids arses; tom jones magical hand; the hotel bar emptying en masse when DR Who came on; lots of gorgeous manga lady artists approaching Richmond with lovely art; failing to collect sketches or talk to Colin baker Dr who as i was too hungover; Bristol centre being full of pirates and fairies ?

great comics i'm looking forward to reading : of course WILD WEST WENDY; futureQuake6; something Wicked from FQ; Mangaquake2; omnavistascope by Paul scott; Solar wind the photo edition featuring us lot.( see previous post with me & moustash ); the End is Nigh; shido; & more

below; a pre Dr who slump in the bar.

and now we have the post con good intentions of great ideas which will rust away another year once reality takes precedence.
A Thanks to Tharg for looking over my folio. Big Thanks to all the lovely people who kept me company, especially my long term collaborator and his righteous disgust.

Monday, May 08, 2006

doing a Wendy painting just as an exercise.
bah, i thought I'd be a smarty pants & show how fast i paint n stuff, but it takes aons to get the camera to work. anyway off set that speed against lazy boned slug inertia & it evens out.

Gouache paints rock, theyre so versatile, ive been using watercolours for decades, why ? gouache can do the same effects as well as gloppy, or blendy or intense.
remember the Wild West Wendy comic is now available via mail order here

Friday, May 05, 2006

yes the book is now just about ready to roll out to the printers. We'll be selling it at Bristol Comics Exhibition next weekend. Its also available via mail order from here for £2 plus p&p.

also exiting news today, i went for a job interview on the Isle of Skye

and i got it ! Its an Art worker for a Charity that supports children who are carers, they do great work, its going to be challenging & exiting. couple of days a week starting next month. so i'll be seeing a lot more of those mountains on the 125mile commute.
and thats the view this evening back on the mainland looking across to skye.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We were working on a secret comics related project today. But the resultant photos are funny enough to break the secret secrecy & risk the wrath of a wrathful editor. All will be revealed at Bristol Comics exhibition.
Give those girls an oscar, and me, wilkinson

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Put up wee exhibition of my art classes work today , Its down at the local day care centre & theyre having a coffee morning tomorrow , hopefully rich olde ladies will buy all my wares. Really pleased with how good 'my students' work is looking all mounted & framed. shiney happy feel good.
Also proof that my doggies arent really evil.