Monday, May 08, 2006

doing a Wendy painting just as an exercise.
bah, i thought I'd be a smarty pants & show how fast i paint n stuff, but it takes aons to get the camera to work. anyway off set that speed against lazy boned slug inertia & it evens out.

Gouache paints rock, theyre so versatile, ive been using watercolours for decades, why ? gouache can do the same effects as well as gloppy, or blendy or intense.
remember the Wild West Wendy comic is now available via mail order here


Paddy Goat said...

Hey, that loks ace! Are you going to scan it for us?
Gauche paint tends to require a bit more work than watercolour to mix and tone, although they are cheaper to buy, as they're usually used in kiddy art packages on account of being brighter-looking than watercolours. I used to love working in oil paints, but the smell was overpowering and I switched to acrylics. Then I gave up entirely and used felt tip pens soaked in a bit of water. Looks a bit garish, but there's a basic appeal in the contrast between colours that more than makes up for the fact that small children will be blinded if they look at it directly.


bou said...

cheers goaty feathers, i'll scan when fini... which takes 10 hours to start & 10 minutes to do.

i think these are posh gouach i'm using , i don't like the quick drying acrylic thing, but i thing modern colours are much richer than the luminous cak i last used 20 years ago, Oils rock , theyre my fave, i'm working up to a flurry across a few canvasses.