Friday, May 05, 2006

yes the book is now just about ready to roll out to the printers. We'll be selling it at Bristol Comics Exhibition next weekend. Its also available via mail order from here for £2 plus p&p.

also exiting news today, i went for a job interview on the Isle of Skye

and i got it ! Its an Art worker for a Charity that supports children who are carers, they do great work, its going to be challenging & exiting. couple of days a week starting next month. so i'll be seeing a lot more of those mountains on the 125mile commute.
and thats the view this evening back on the mainland looking across to skye.


Richmond A Clements said...

Congratumalations on the job!!
Great bloody news.

Scenery's not bad... seen better...

Ed said...

I dunno if I could be bothered to travel 125 miles to see it myself, but if you're getting paid...


Paddy Goat said...

Congratulations on the job, Vicky. Sounds fulfilling, apart from everything else. A mate of mine was a carer for the disabled in a local playschool, and he really enjoyed working with the kids there because it really put things into perspective, seeing them overcome basic motor function problems to enjoy themselves like kids should. Then he found out what he was getting paid and told them to go fuck themselves.
You can try out all this stuff that you've heard the rich folks do, like eating meals and having electricity to make the talking boxes work. Don't worry, though, it's not sorcery, just science at work.