Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Put up wee exhibition of my art classes work today , Its down at the local day care centre & theyre having a coffee morning tomorrow , hopefully rich olde ladies will buy all my wares. Really pleased with how good 'my students' work is looking all mounted & framed. shiney happy feel good.
Also proof that my doggies arent really evil.


Ed said...

Nice - how many pieces in there are yours, and how many are your students? have you thought about putting some sort of exhibition of their work online somewhere?

Dogs are evil though.

bou said...

all but the yellow flowers in second pic are mine, and the pots & wee framed pics with price tags on in forground " buy my waresss ".

thats a nice idea about the on-line thingy, but ive never managed to flog my stuff off my web site, and community ed are gits about paying for what i do already.. but still there could be a seed sown for a project there.

Ed said...

Well, I wasn't suggesting that you'd make any money out of it, but it might be a nice way of publicing the work of your group and getting people to notice it. Just a thought, anyway.