Sunday, October 29, 2006

this film crap just gets worse !
so ive been animating til at least 2 everymorning, working everyday, starting to think ahead beyond one scene at a time, how to put the whole thing together, titles, the missing scene links, etc...
So i got permission to use some music by the talented Ewan MacPherson & his band Fribo, its scandinavian scottishy folky, Ewans my sister in laws brother. This was an excellent breakthrough, but before i can even start trying to tweak the volume or merge a couple of songs to match the pace of the film, i need to finish the film, i have no software & no idea how to do this, i havent heard from my 'mentor'/ trainer in weeks. but thats another story.
and then the next hitch..
i started to flatten out the layers & try to merge the scenes together, and the computer i was supplied with hasnt got the guts to deal with the file sizes...
i have spent around 18 hours attempting to composit the whole thing, i dread to think what will happen when / if i try to export it & change format... but then i have no idea what format the projectionist is looking for , or the means to convert it, i think i may just walk into the premier on the 11th with laptop under arm & say,
" gather around audience i can show you one bit at a time, the playback times all wrong, but you get the jist...oo sorry it crashed again "
i have painfully put my neck out, done my eyes in, have a permenant headache, have a trapped nerve down one arm or some sort of RSI numb hand syndrome, havent spoke to friends or some family members for months, and am going nuts from lack of sleep...
be wary of winning prizes !


Richmond A Clements said...

It'll all be cool!
Don't panic my Love.
Y'know in years to come- or indeed in a month when this is all over, we'll be lookinjg back and laughing at how stressed you got, and we'll still be rejoicing at how damned awesome your film turned out to be!

Ed said...

He's right you know - from the bits and bobs you've been putting up, it'll be bloody great, and worth it in the end.

Bolt-01 said...

Darn tootin'

This is a massive learning curve for you and a it will all be worth it.