Monday, October 23, 2006

so i had a fantastic weekend at Octocon, maynooth near dublin. Met the lovely Mike & leoni Carroll, the oh so wise Harry harrison, & J P Hogan and lots of lovely peeps. poor beleguered brain tried to stretch with all the interesting panels & talks, especially those with my lovely boyfriend person on.

then home, and back to the brain tunnel shrinkage that is the sunny North west... and it took me a week to pick up the animation threads again, with panic gnawing at my bones.
burning the midnight oil to try & get it done, cutting myself to edges of functioning on minimal sleep.

and the film festival has a front page slot, i still havent even got any sounds or score or sound editing facility sorted.

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Richmond A Clements said...

Hey- he won't be far away for ever!
In fact, he'll be over to see you in only a couple of weeks!