Wednesday, November 01, 2006

heres the lovely couple at octocon last month.

Heres the three witches, but that wasnt a halloweeen photo, everydays pretty scary around here. Ish went out guising last night as a foxy wee devil. I shuffled around doing dawn of dead impressions, freaking Ish out, i hate drugs. diazipan is scary stuff, and all the other stuff they've got me on..
I'm afraid of computers !

the computer i'm working on can't cope with finishing the film even with an added external harddrive.

ive spent a day off work, semi parayslsed, injected, & mashed out of head in jelly coma diazapaned up, the pain was still there, but i didnt care any more. off work again today trying to stay off pain meds long enough to do a bit of film juggling.

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Ed said...

Awww...those piccies are sooooo cute! Well, except for the evil computery screen of DOOM.

I would show you my latest photo, but Halloween's over now...