Monday, June 26, 2006

Started New Job with great group of kids whos lives would put perspective into all of ours. Turns out Art therapy also involves rough n tumble football games. It was great fun.

Ishies got two new pet rats called Ozzy & Hendrix.
Tali had a great weekend at RockNess festival with fat boy slim etc.
and I have to go & do some art to clear my 'artists' block, right now, I promised.


Ed said...

What's the name of those flowers in that first photo? Is it 'foxglove', or something like that?

Liking the names of those rats!

Paddy Goat said...

I like the idea of someone with a worse life than me, but ideally it should be someone older who deserves it, as it's hard to feel good about yourself just because some kid has cerebal palsy or his mum's dead.

The local evangelicals have a novel way of dealing with terminally-ill kiddies - they put them under the stairs with the lights out. It's a bit of a squash, with the bed and the IV, but it does at least save the money-obsessed, lying, selfish, self-obsessed, evil little cunts having to spend any cash to look after them.
Good thing charity isn't a prerequisite of christian behaviour, or those guys would have some serious explaining to do.

Scotchland looks lovely, btw. I should start putting up pics of Cookstown, but I fear there's nowt but construction sites and offal wastebins from the local meat factories.


Ed said...

Do you ever get the impression that he's bitter about something or other...?

bou said...

yeah foxglove.

and don't get me started on fact i've enough rage to feed a plethora of Wendy books.