Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring round up, catch up

I must apologise to blog followers for my absence, its been that crazy time of year!
I was busy running Hi-Ex - The Highlands International Comic Expo
then I was running a country day.
This was for Kirkton Woodlands and Heritage group.
Which I was doing a lot of voluntary work for, some of which is chronicling the building of two new crafts workshops.
I've now got a part time post with the woodlands group which will allow me more time to organise events and training as well as do the marketing type things like twitter for the woodlands group.
and the facebook group for the treehouse, the woodlands group and....

Are you all linked out yet ? I haven't started on the Boot Sale coming up or the South West Ross Arts & Eats trail which I'm building a new website for and designing this years leaflet (more tweeks next on job list).

They are of course right when they say all work and no play makes Vik a dull girl, It has been a slog of late, with too much work going on to think, consolidate, plan or review. During that time there has been none of my own art going on, all my energies have been focused outside on projects and others. That is the end of that chapter though and the primed empty canvases are now calling out to me. Work Life balance is realigning. Maybe its been something like this ?

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