Thursday, February 02, 2012

Three Craws

Here is last nights 'doodle'. this was being done at the same time as drawing some cowboys talking.
 'This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top'.
It was another 3am night. It just seems to be the only time i can relax into my own space. I often toy with ideas of a studio away from the house, or shifting the computer into a room where i can shut the door...

However, someone asked if i plan these out , so here is the process;
impulsive scribble
bung in a background, i have a load of these on file from previous paintings and use them in comic colouring etc.
Dig out one of my tattoos for inspiration.. and think about this one too...
 then root around in spotify for some strange new music like this ( below) and headphones on...
ARGH! the video is even more bonkers and there is a crow in it, good thing i didn't watch this last night ! Nice beards ladies.

and then i look at the stars outside, eat beetroot and crackers and tip toe to bed.

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Saigh said...

I really like this doodle, far more than my FB "like" can tell you. Considering where my spirituality lies, it's quite powerful to me. Oh, and you know, the dream thing I mentioned to you recently.