Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pictish animals with under 5's !

I've not been blogging much lately as I have been working silly 15 / 16 hour days glued to photoshop to try  & get the Bayou Arcana project in on time.

Spending today out and about on East coast doing a couple of workshops with my lovely daugher helping me out for work experience was a rare treat !
I'll have to blog another time about this project and what is all about but in the meantime I basically did some Pictish animal painting with an under 5's group and an after school club. An adult ( not from Scotland ) asked today what 'Pictish' was. That too is a blog that will have to wait another day!

Basically I explained it to the younger ones by showing pictures of local standing stones and the animal carvings on them, talking a bit about people who lived in the nearby castle in the olden days and how they liked to make pictures of animals. Its a matter of drawing out an awareness of cultural and natural heritage in a here and now context. I also had reference photos of local animals to compare with, 'What kind of animal is this ?' 'WHALE!'   erm... nearly .  It was very interesting when i tried to get the littler ones to do spiral patterns, they mostly came out as circles. I wonder if any developmental psychologists have explored things like this, when does the hand eye coordination learn how to increase and decrease movements like circles?

meanwhile photos !

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