Friday, January 20, 2012


Following lots of feedback and a discussion about this mornings angry doodle, and a request from a friend to use it as a Tattoo, i've tidied it up and changed the overall shape to fit a back better. I think a tattoo artist will cry when they see this !  the great thing about spirals and squiggles however is that they can me moved to fit the body shape. I've always found tattoo designing frustrating for myself as a flat bit of paper does not fit the bodies contours. It takes a while to find a tattooist you can trust with twiddly designs and having the same eye to know where to fit those lines. I'm chuffed to have found one in Calum McWilliam, Inverness 'Tattoos while you wait'.  Its a shame i don't have any sort of disposable income Or i'd be covered in loads more ink. I love my tatts. I find the responsibility of designing them for other people a bit daunting though!

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