Friday, January 27, 2012

Bayou Arcana

This is a book I am currently working on. This gorgeous cover is by the very talented Jennie Gyllblad.
The book is now available for pre-order HERE

It has already caused a bit of a stir in the press and on the web, as it is a ground breaking anthology project, male writers and female artists. This won't seem so unusual unless you work in comics and can't have missed the massive debate around the way women are being excluded in the industry. The fight back is well under way with some brilliant projects and a lot of fabulous women starting to gain the recognition they should have long ago. Here is an article. and again here in the guardian.

No pressure on me then to hurry up and get my story drawn up on time...and well !

Here is work in progress from page 1

Welcome to the world i will in glued to for the next 2 weeks.

and a close up. 11 pages to go.....
who wants a 'real' job!?

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