Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Costume Life drawing class

IT was a dark stormy night across the North. I'd spend the day in town, visiting family & attending a work meeting. dashing through the puddles to Dingwall's lovely warm and welcoming community shop, The Greenhouse. I didn't expect anyone to turn up for this experimental art session. But they did!
First to model was gorgeous Laura, who'd bought a great bag of props and frocks.

these are just my scribbly sketches.

Then The Greenhouse's Dave tried out his fab Elf costume, the wardrobe to Narnia will be coming to the Greenhouse very soon, it sounds fantastic!

Here's my scribble of superhero elf Dave.
and here's Rob's drawing of me in a floppy hat.

It was great fun and a very relaxed and inspiring drawing session. Artists like me would love to sit & sketch people out & about in public, all those interesting features and figures, all those crazy clothes. this was a great chance for us all to indulge in just that. It was also really nice that everyone got a change to sit. It's reminded me that i need to draw more often, how fast one gets rusty!

Thanks to the folks who came along and thanks to the Greenhouse for hosting this.

We'll definitely do this again. get in touch if you'd like to be kept informed of dates, times and places. My e-mail is pottery at balnacra dot com


Rob said...

I really enjoyed the class; laid-back and inspiring indeed... hopefully it wont be the only time, because it seemed to be the perfect set-up and place to me.
Thanks again to you and Dave at The Greenhouse

Anonymous said...

I know of Rob's work and I'm glad he has somewhere to do more :)