Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robin Hood painting progress

Working on the next Vysotsky song, translated by Tommy Beavitt. some details ( unfinished above ). 'Robin Hood' . Imagine the freedom of living in the woods. Imagine leaving all the rules, class, confines, conventions and labour slavery behind. Imagine a band of brothers ( and sisters? ) serf to no lord or master, living in harmony in the Forest. Imagine having to leave society, hiding, hunted, outcast outlawed.  I lived in the woods, on and off, late 80's early 90's, just a few weeks or days here and there between temporary or having no home. Camped myself with babies, making shelters from stolen tarpaulins and sticks, or with a tribe or fellow travellers, 'neo-pagans', outcasts and misfits. The forests are wonderful. The freedom was wonderful. The danger, fear and persecution was ever present. 

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