Thursday, June 02, 2011

2D, fiasco, trees for life & zombies

I've finally finished the comic strip 'Naki's' I've been working on, its written by Matthew McLaughin and will be published in one of the FutureQuake Publications.

Meanwhile I will be running a workshop in 'Drawing a One Page Comic Strip' at 10.30am Saturday at the 2D Northern Ireland Comic Festival . I'm looking forward to having a catch up with lots of brilliant comic creators over there, the guest line up is awesome!

After the workshop I'll be sketching and signing Slaughterman's Creed with artist Stephen Downey. Come along & say Hi !

Slaughterman's Creed has also hit a glossy Fashion Magazine! Fiasco Magazine is out Now. We're on page 28 - 31 in lovely technicolour! The irony of my name in a fashion magazine will not be lost on those who know me !

And in Non-Comic news My Trees for Life charity art exhibition piece is now also up on line.

Heres some figure sketching to work up my next Vysotsky song painting. Figure work drives me mad, hours of googling through rubbish to find the simplest poses!  Onwards & upwards....

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