Wednesday, February 09, 2011

a rocky road

'Rocky Road' A4 inky doodle.~
my metaphors bore me.
My art also follows an apparent boom & bust, often this is because I can't show you work which is about to be published. I'm working on a comic strip that I've been apologising to the writer & editor about for well over a year, but I think its been worth the wait- I just felt my comic work was weak and nondescript, but somewhere between the gladiator doodles and squiggly pen work in airport departures, something different is germinating. I'll have to do some sample pages asap to show & get feedback on.
basically I don't like doing detailed pencils, it feels like drawing it twice and gets a muddy mess. So this time I've sketched the rough page layouts & figures in photoshop, blocking in tones. turn it all blue. print on A3 bristol board. inking all in, tones not lines. Scan in & knock out blue channel. will show you later.

This bodes well for my own project that I've sat on for years as I didn't think I was good enough to draw it. Theres that line between stagnating & being stifled by fear of just doing a thing, but in this instance I'd rather wait long enough to get it right.

Also, waiting on another script for another collaborative project.
contracts in hand for another graphic novel colouring job.
my own work stumbles between the realistic figure work and the allegorical. Battling to pull myself back to on a real path or just to let it go hither & thither?

Started portrait for BP national portrait award.
progress, basic 'flats' laid down. acrylic canvas 120cm x 80cm

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