Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new starts, old work and clear outs.

I seem to have forgotten how I used to paint, and so has everyone else. I suppose because this sort of work never got any sort of recognition, not only did I stop doing it but I forgot how to and that I even did.I don#t know where its all gone, maybe in a folio somewhere, maybe sold, a couple in my parents house. Theres evidence of some done a couple of years ago. canvases I've painted over with the more acceptable landscapes.

But after Russia, I'm painting my own thing again ( I'll show work here as soon as its finished ).
I've been working on one during the Tuesday Art group, people seem to like it. But one woman commented that it was very Russian. But this is what I did long before Russia.

I've been chained to the computer doing the digital colours for this 'Slaughtermans Creed' coming out with Markosia soon. My wacom ( digital pen and tablet ) has given up on me, my attempts to fix the jittery wobbly brush stroke at 3am rendering the whole thing unrecognizable to the PC. But it was over 6 years old, So while I wait for a new ( 2nd hand ) one to arrive in the post, I am forced to get on with other work. This has included a studio tidy up. buried in the chaos I found these two pictures. The Zebra one was from a dream around 13/14 years ago. the unfinished one was probably within the last 4 years. Not russian. Intriguing to me is the use of the same symbols in the picture I'm working on just now. sort of, you'll see what I mean when I finish it.

Point being? the threads in our lives may go out of sight for a while but they're all still there working away in the background.

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Nicki MacRae said...

Really interesting post!!

Oddly enough I was working on a commission tonight thats to be a close cousin of an old (sold) painting and found exactly what you said 'I can't paint like that anymore' - your post has made me wonder about this more deeply, and if it's can't or won't! ;-)

I love the two pieces you posted by the way!