Friday, September 24, 2010

Lochcarron Producers days

Attended the monthly Lochcarron Producers day today, I usually try and attend as many as possible, as its a good chance to a) get out of the house b)sell my wares c) catch up with people d) get feedback on my latest work. As well as a few local crafts makers there is always a good value lunch provided by the village ladies to raise funds for the Kirkton Woodland and Heritage Group. This group is looking into development proposals and a community buy out of the woodland behind the village, which would open up many possibilities for the  development of the village rather than if the sale went to a private developer.

Some people see any changes or development in the village as a bad thing, but we have a village with the oldest average age in the region ( or beyond? correct me if I'm wrong ), there is a chronic lack of affordable housing for young families and the school roll has halved in the last four years. Something needs to be done to prevent this village becoming solely a holiday and retirement village, even if the retiring holiday home owners disagree.
( heres my latest crocheted hat, sported by the lovely 'Britney' )

( my wares on display )

( Paul Swan, local wildlife expert and wildlife photographer with his work )

( Terry Hitchen- woodturner, polishing one of his mirrors )

My camera batteries ran out before I could snap any of the other usual suspects! Its always a pleasant day out and handy for me as I don't have a studio or shop front any more, to meet the public and show my work. Folks were full of questions about my Russia trip after seeing it in the paper so I had my notebook running with theYelabuga photos.

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