Friday, August 06, 2010

'Rags to Riches' clutter

So the Russian trip preparation ticks onwards, but the pile of work I need finished by September sits albatross like upon me, exhaustion. Next two days I'm off to Scotlands Housing Expo, to run workshops for the Highland Council in Recycled crafts, " Rags to Riches " we shall be cutting weaving, knotting and such like, my van is full of willow wands, sticks and rags. I shall also be spending the night in the van so had better move the sticks first.

meanwhile my 'studio' is a complete tip ( and yes I paint canvases upside down & sideways, whatever works ), the rest of the house isn't much better as books of celtic mythology, canvases, half packed bags, paper, fabric, looms, glass shards & mosaics all threaten to collide. Dinnae worry by tuesday morning all will be calm & organised & then I can discuss thoughts about myths, epics, archetypes and art.

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