Monday, August 09, 2010

Last day before 'Epic' adventure

Last day at home before starting the journey to Russia. After heavy showers the sun has now come out, I think we've only had a couple of dry afternoons in 6 weeks, it was spring , then rain now the berries and darkening nights tell us Autumn is coming. No matter, I'm off to the heat & the sun to paint in Russia for 12 days. If you've seen the news you will be well aware that there has been a heat-wave over there and wildfires a causing devastation, this last week the smoke has caused airport closures- at the moment the two airports we need are open so fingers crossed it stays that way.

I thought a picture of my unkempt garden & house would be a suitable photo to launch us on our journey of exotic lands. Myself & fellow traveler Lynn hope to keep up blogs of our adventure depending on the internet availability, Lynn's is here.

my bag is crammed with my brushes & paints, the 'studio' is tidied, laptop loaded with my favorite Celtic art reference pictures. Just time to try & learn some Russian phrases, or finish some of the work hanging over me or....possibly RELAX a little? since the last 2 months have been exhausting and flat out with work. There I've done it, said the 'R' word.

next blog We'll be on our way & I'll write some about the symposium theme 'Breath of the Epic'.


matthew mclaughlin said...

Vicky, have a safe and fun journey - take lots of pics for us, and if you visit Siberia, let me know how it is, ha ha (I've always wanted to go there for some reason).

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Have a great time, looking forward to hearing all about it.

VickyS said...

Thanks guys! No siberia this time Matthew ( unless the planes get SERIOUSLY re-routed! ) but its a step closer & I'll get there one day!