Sunday, May 24, 2009


I haven't got any oil based printing ink so experimenting here with oil paint. the line it gives isn't intense enough & it  also quickly builds up a lumpy residue on the glass. I'm going to try some colour washes over these.  I love the messy lines of mono printing. The crows were free hand drawn in with a blunt pencil, the others were basically traced off my photos with a pointy stick...too easy? is it art ?

meanwhile, anatomy ( without photo refs ) is my weakest area, I've been trying to learn Poser Pro to help set up poses for comic strip reference, but am finding it very unwieldy. For practice & to play with wonderful new pentel Brush pen, been sketching from women's fashion magazine. Most of the photos are unusable vacant bony looking rejects from drug rehab. What I need is magazines with gorgeous shapely dancers & gymnasts.

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