Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bristol Expo 2009.
Had a fantastic weekend at Bristol International Comic Expo & the Small Press expo 2009. Though smaller than previous years, the atmosphere was great and it was wonderful as ever to catch up with all my favorite comics creators. Most of the highlights involve shameless namedropping or anecdotes which are unrepeatable. 
I had my Hi Ex hat on & am really pleased with the positive feedback from everyone, It looks like we'll have an awesome guest list for 2010 ! some Big big names in there.
I've also got a long list of comics projects which i will need to get done FAST!
I managed to get some con sketches which i'm usually too busy to do...

Wolverine by Laurence Campbell

Rorschach by John Higgins.

Shakey Kane.Steve Sampson. Dave Gibbons.

Paul Grist - the Eternal champion

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