Sunday, April 19, 2009

I haven't blogged in a while as I'm never sure which bit of my complex life to share where, however i feel a new spring clarity so shall stick art wafflings up here. Inane gibberish on facebook and portfolio at
I've been surging forward with art projects recently, moving steadily on multiple fronts. I've been frustrated that there seems so many disparate elements, and asking why why why do i do what i do & what is it that I actually do? which direction should i focus on?
I have to make craft items to fill the local shops for the sudden rush of tourists; firefighter paintings for some exhibitions this year; touristy paintings both landscape paintings and more quirky highland coo type things. I've held off with comic strip work as i don't like the way it comes out & have been trying to let a more fluid natural style of line work develop, playing with ink, paint & photoshop, i wish there was more time to experiment.
The wee girl is wearing big boots in sympathy to my feet pain, she needs to watch those laces with that big heavy sword though.
frustratingly we've had some computer trouble & now photoshop isn't working properly, however there's 3 trillion other things to do so ever onwards !
feedback is welcome as I wilt in a vacuum!

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