Wednesday, April 29, 2009

everything but painting

There just isnt enough hours in the day! I lost a lot of April with holidays, broken vehicles,computer repairs, hobbling feet & family stuff - now its a major catch up which means I've been working a minimum of 15 hours a day. I've been trying to get enough stock of crafty bits for all the shops & sales, but it tends to take over from the painting.
 Once the process is started I have to see it through, especially with pottery which is drying out too fast as I type.
 Its also frustrating as life has been emotional recently and this translates into pictures in my head which I'm keen to get out. Back to work!

Comic papermache bowls in progress
leafy bowls drying out too fast.
a light portable folding cardboard display stand for prints, not a straight line in sight! genius.


julia licht said...

hey, I want one.....
or how can I make one my self..
I totally need to have one....!!

Vicky said...

Hi Julia!
the display stand ? its basically 3 cardboard boxes, cut up & taped together again. I can send you more pictures so you get the idea ? V