Wednesday, September 06, 2006

bah blog doesnt like films, even horribly shrunked deformed animated GIFS, you'll have to click a link yourselves;

here be butterflies

day two in the animatrix house, ive vaguely cheered up in the hope that i might actually be able to do some of the film after all. installing the bloody softwares being an all day pain tho, i need californian bums to get out of bed & send me unlock codes.


Richmond A Clements said...

Click the link ourselves!?
What is this, communist Russia??

I can't be bothered with all that- just gimme the jist of what happens.


Bolt-01 said...

That animation is lush. Just the sort of thing I imagine my Isobelle doing. Her pictures are full of bright shiny colours and shapes. Must try to scan some actually.

bou said...

my next experiment is really freaky looking, but at this stage i'm not bothered about the content, but prooving to myself that i can get things to move where n when i want them too.

really i may be just trying to prove my advisor wrong as Rich pointed out, i seem to be doing all the things i was told i couldnt do.

next game, i want moving backrounds.

Richmond A Clements said...

Ah but I love it that you'll go and prove you can do it, just because she told you you couldn't!
It's one of the many reasons you're awesome.