Wednesday, October 05, 2011

more animal art.

I've managed to do another couple of small animal pictures in between other jobs, These sell out faster than i can produce them so message me if you want to buy it or to commission one.

A Wolf. 17cm x 11cm mixed media on thick card. he is a bit bigger so I'm looking for £17 P&P included. 

a Hare. Mixed media on thick card, 15.5cm x 9cm . The other wee wolves are all sold, who wants this one for £15 P&P inc 

meanwhile recent work that i can't show you is:
The colours i did for 'Band of Butchers' .
The cover painting and comic strip for a concept exhibition that will be going to Brussels.
The halarious photo reference photos myself and Rich did last night for a secret project ( I'd be a terrible cos-player I would just giggle the whole time ) .
The artwork i did yesterday for another persons comic project with one of our characters.
I'll share all these as soon as I can.

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