Thursday, July 07, 2011

'Reactions to Vysotsky. Scottish Artists Respond to the Russian Bard'.

Work is progressing with the 'Reactions to Vysotsky.  Scottish Artists Respond to the Russian Bard' project.

"An exhibition of paintings by Vicky Stonebridge and John Mikietyn, and a ceramic sculpture by Allison Weightman, will open at the Scotland Russia Forum’s Edinburgh premises on 12th August. The week long exhibition accompanies music by Scottish singer and translator, Tommy Beavitt, whose long-term project to interpret and perform the work of the Russian Bard, Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980), in English and Russian, has been an inspiration for the work displayed. The exhibition will present audio recordings of Vysotsky songs in Russian and English alongside the artworks, which illustrate or otherwise respond to the strong themes of faith, conflict and individual freedom, brought to life in Vysotsky’s material."

The Exhibition will open with a private recital of the Vysotsky songs by Tommy Beavitt. Then on the 19th August the exhibition will move up North to Inchmore Gallery, near Inverness with another recital ( all welcome ) on the evening of the 19th August.

Here is the link to the Scottish Russian Forum listing.
The link to the Edinburgh Facebook event.

I'll post up the biographies of those involved in the next few days along with some more tasters of some of the paintings. Above is 'Hunting the wolf'

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