Thursday, May 05, 2011


This is an ART blog, but my art doesn't pay, so how do I pay the bills? Firefighting ( which in the retained service only pays 10% a normal salary ), this is my bread & rather sooty butter. Most artists been something to supplement the income. Ideally Art and 'Bread & Butter' would be distinct & seperate, but I find mine all collides in a mix of multi coloured hats. The last two months that balance as all been on the side of activity, action, travel, doing, working out there in the world of people and politics. I'm badly craving time to reflect, create, consolidate. The recent dry spell has stopped that, with wildfires every minute I've not been away. No time to blog many adventures. Hope to catch up shortly!
heres one of my photos used on BBC.

Heres some paintings I've done in previous years

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