Saturday, April 02, 2011

Japan Fundraiser

Work loads have recently reached critical mass, amid everything else I've been doing two comic strips for a Japan disaster relief fundraising comic thats being put together by the wonderful folks at The Comic Book Alliance.

One strip has been written by Martin Conaghan, Its a collage/ photo montage style strip, and above is a panel for a three page folk story script written by Jaspre Bark. I really enjoyed working on these really different style strips, the turnaround was incredibly fast so there was no time to really fret about detail or tweak, I hope they work okay! This book has some fantastic contributions coming in from all quarters. More details about where & when you can buy it as soon as possible.

Some other beautiful artwork to raise funds for Japan has been produced By Japanese Manga artist, and regular Inverness Hi-Ex Guest, Chi-tan . There are also details on her blog of other ways you can support the Japan relief effort.

Another recent piece of charity art I've done is now available for auction on-line to raise funds for the Edinburgh Youth charity The Rock Trust. This charity does invaluable work for vulnerable young people in the Lothian area & is a very worthy cause.

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