Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Manga/ Comic workshops.
manga/ comics workshops at Gairloch Library with High school pupils. These were across three days and fitted in most of the schools pupils...shoehorned into a small space. These photos are of the last session with 38 pupils from second year today. If I talk and draw at the flip chart too long they get bored, if I let them do their own drawings un-guided too long it turns into anarchy. Its a fine line to tread. What frustrates me with big groups is that I can't spend time nurturing those youngsters with that creative or imaginative spark, and I can't spend time coaxing on those who are low in confidence and have never really thought about comics or cool stuff & how it could apply to them.
Gairloch is quite far north on the west coast & it did seem that less of these pupils had heard of Manga. One lad was determined to draw a fishing boat.. " can I just draw anything ?! " I then insisted he turned this fishing boat into a comic strip - which was a great tale of fishermen, a storm, capsize, helicopter rescue & off to the pub..magic ! Some others drew up on the flip chart a tale of hitler shooting himself in the bunker , when on tuesday there were complaints from adults that pupils aren't intrested in history! Session feedback was all good...phew ! next workshops are Dingwall & Ullapool, next month.

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