Monday, July 31, 2006

More pix from N' Ireland, Heres the Giants Causeway from cliffs above, or in fact from a giants view, the tiny weensy white speckles below are tourists screaming & running to take cover under ..erm... rocks when rain showers passed over.

looking east from causway, very similiar scenes to north east Skye, same volcanic stuff going on.

view from the other side of the rope bridge, and suddenly i find out everyone on the planet watches CBBC, which is possibly why they all seem to think a bridge is a scary thing, it was great i could see guillimot swimming underwater way beneath me n everything.

Dun Luce Castle, which was very cool indeed and we plan buying when our lottery numbers come up.


Richmond A Clements said...

Argh!! Get away from the edge, woman!

bou said...

bah ! what fear of I have going over the edge ? didnt you know i can fly ?

Richmond A Clements said...

You went over the edge long ago if you think those wee wings'll hold you up.